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Gospel radio says goodbye to you!

Dear listeners and fans of G-Radio

After 10 years of our, and we believe that also your radio, we are not happy to give you information that our broadcasting is close to the end. The aim of the radio was to bring joyful message of the Gospel through Christian songs. Our radio was entirely devoted to Christian domestic and foreign authors. We tried to give the room also to entirely new authors. As we did, it's your assessment.

Happy birthday dear G-Radio!

Dear friends of gospel music, on 1st July we will celebrate the 8th year of our broadcasting. The music in itself is carrying the special mission, makes the hart happy and lifts up your spirit to values. The music helps the man to make his heart richer and live the special and normal time more intensively. We would like to give You our thanks for visiting our website and listening G-Radio, because of this our work gain the sense.

„G- News“ soon …

By the end of the last year we informed you about preparations for the first programme with the spoken word in our radio. We are pleased to announce that our efforts were successful and the new programme "G-News" is here (The programme in Slovak language only). What will it be about? About the music, of course, but it will not be limited to it. The programme will be each time devoted to an album by one or more authors. Primarily it will focus on the news but now and then we will "brush up" some interesting lesser-known things. In the programme you will learn more about the artists, something about their lives, about how songs were created. Vlado Bis will deal his opinions on songs with you and he will also moderate the programme.

Our Third Birthday

Dear listeners,

the next year has passed quickly and it is our radio's third birthday, which we celebrate on the 1st July. Again, in a nutshell, we will sum up what we have managed to do during the year. Our main aim was (and it still is) to bring you as many new songs as possible. During the last year the number of albums has increased by 5O on average. We got several e-mails from you asking to play more Slovak songs. That is why we have focused on adding mainly Slovak authors in the last half of the year. We are thankful for your response and we will be glad to receive your future suggestions as well.

In spite of all he went up to Golgotha …

My usual question at the end of the Lent period was: „How did you spend the Lent, what impressions do you have from those days?“ Some people were excited, others were surprised by the question, and others were dissapointed by their fickleness… There were many answers, but if I should express our feelings about the Lent in a simple way, I would use the classic, well-worn phrase: „We lack persistence“. Although we need it so much. We need it while waiting at the doctor´s waiting room, we need it while shopping, at the bus stop, in reaching everyday aims…